Restaurant Palinka

March 28, 1996 With the “Music and Italian cuisine” as a catchphrase, the restaurant Palinka was born.

Kyoto, cherries, pear and other raw materials made from Hungarian distilled spirits Palinka is a wine that is widely loved by European people.

If delicious dishes and delicious sake, and delightful music are there, then nothing is needed anymore. Such a feeling is included in the name of restaurant Palinka.

Today, “Italian north latitude 38 degrees” is crowned, and we are moving forward with new people and ingredients in this area.

Italian north latitude 38 degrees

Kotomi, cod roe, new bamboo shoots. Scattering the chopped white blades, Pepperoncino of blessings of nature. Olive oil gently wraps the fragrance and bitterness.
If bonito arrives from Kesennuma, let ‘s make it a carpaccio with Basilico.
Hatsumibori of the new rice is still brown rice and risotto. For fragrant mushrooms, rich Parmigiano cheese is indispensable.Spaghetti with plump oyster tomato sauce. If you drop a few drops of balsamic on the finish, it will be much deeper.Extreme menu of 38 degrees north latitude.
Restaurant Palynka has four seasons.

Restaurant Wedding


Grand piano equipped.
The inside of the store designed with consideration to the sound has a height to the ceiling of 7 m or more.
You can enjoy the sound space full of nature, abundance and presence.

Reserve one

At the restaurant Palinka we are able to assist various parties.
We also have a reserved plan.

Small group wedding

We propose a plan suitable for small weddings. For details please check the following.

With pets

In the restaurant Palinka you can dine with pets.
You can have a wedding with your precious family.

Store Information

Address 19-8 Otamaya, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0814, Japan
TEL/FAX (+81) 22-213-7654

Lunch:11:30~14:00 Last order
Dinner:18:00~20:30 Last order (business hours 22:00)
※ Sunday:18:00~20:00 Last order (business hours 21:30)

Holiday <

Every Tuesday
※ Monday ・ Wednesday will be open for lunchtime only.

Seats Counter 4 seats, table 28 seats
Card VISA, JCB, Diners, AMEX, DC, UFJ NICOS, Saison
  • Loupuru Sendai “Shikibaya Bridge Zuiho” before getting off soon
  • Municipal bus JR Sendai station bound for Midorigaoka 3-chome
  • Get off at “Shikibaya Bridge” and walk 3 minutes on foot
  • 15 minutes walk from Sendai-shi subway Tozai line “Omachi Nishikoen station”
Parking 8 units

Access Map